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A new
A net zero

90,000 SQ FT / 8,360 SQ M
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Net zero carbon in operation.
A place that is in tune with the environment.

We need to do much more than just ‘avoid being bad’, to pollute a bit less or use a couple fewer kilograms of resources.

That’s why we’ve made TBC.London one of London’s first net zero workplaces, a good building that actively enhances and improves its environment.

Designed with wellbeing at its core.

People are any business’s greatest asset and the global effects of COVID-19 have underscored the importance of the health and happiness of everyone around us. ‘Wellness’ is simply a catch-all for putting both the obvious and not-so-obvious needs of people first.

A space that enriches lives. Where individuals can thrive and communities come together.

Bricks and mortar make a building, but it is people that make it a place. Buildings of the future must actively connect people with people, both within the building and among the wider community as a whole.