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24 September 2019
Reimagine. Your City. Car Free.

It was brilliant to be able to host the organisers of London’s Car Free Day at Tower Bridge Court this past weekend.

On Sunday 22 September, roads all across London were pedestrianised and transformed as part of World Car Free Day.

As part of the day’s events, which were themed ‘Re-imagine’, Tower Bridge was closed to vehicles for the day and hosted a range of fabulous activities , including:

  • classic cycle rides
  • group yoga and meditation sessions
  • Tower of London historical re-enactment of the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381

On the day, the organisers used Tower Bridge Court as the event’s office and hub.

FORE is committed to ensuring that its buildings are not only low carbon, but also create a positive social impact. At Tower Bridge Court, we are proud to work collaboratively with local community groups and businesses, charities, and social enterprises to help solve some of the key social challenges we face today, and to help make a positive impact.

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