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2 February 2023
Future Heroes land at TBC

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Together with Free To Be Kids, we asked local young people just this question, and then to draw themselves as ‘future heroes’, whose mission is to make sure that their community is happy and they are living in a healthy environment.

That might sound like a big task for little hands. But imagining themselves as future heroes creates a sense of adventure, freedom, and possibility for children who may be struggling.

We have celebrated the kids’ work by taking their drawings and bringing them to life through our partner Global Street Art who has recreated the images on the hoarding panels around TBC.London.

The images, now translated into a hopeful and joyous new mural outside TBC, joins the monumental artwork by Mark Titchner that we co-commissioned with Team London Bridge, carrying the inspiring message ‘Dream the World Anew’.

Free To Be Kids is a charity based in SE1 helping to create lasting change for vulnerable children's emotional health. Its volunteers do amazing work with disadvantaged children across London to rebuild self-esteem and boost resilience, using the inherent power of nature and the arts.

Our future heroes project was a fun exercise in imagination, and reflects our serious quest to use real estate to drive positive social and environmental outcomes.

TBC.London’s social impact strategy is aligned with Southwark’s Fairer Futures commitments, taking into careful consideration the local community’s needs. We believe we can generate £145 million in social value over 20 years of the building’s construction and occupation.

We are five months into an 18-month construction phase, currently transforming the building into one of the UK’s most sustainable and healthy workspaces. A building that is 100% electric and net zero carbon in operation, with no fossil fuels used in running it. With a long list of highly innovative and imaginative materials and features, many of which have never been used in a London office building before.

These are our ‘superpowers’, the things that enable our building to actively enhance our built environment and bring real positive outcomes to the community it surrounds.

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