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25 October 2022
We're on site

We’re now on site at TBC.London, delivering one of the UK’s most sustainable offices.

Our contractor Willmott Dixon has started work to retrofit the existing out-of-date 1990s office building and transform it into a 100% electric, zero carbon in operation workplace.

By keeping the existing structure and reusing the embodied carbon in the frame, we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of the building by more than 50% over its life. We have also reduced the construction time by 25% or more. There is no need for complex demolition, less materials have to be put back into the building, and there is much less disruption to our neighbours. We are also re-purposing other elements from the original building, such as bricks and steel. In construction, we have committed to divert at least 95% of waste from landfills and recycle it.

In addition to our efforts to be carbon neutral, we’ll be working hard to ensure that TBC.London delivers enduring benefits for the local community throughout the construction programme.

Willmott Dixon and FORE will be running a ‘Building Lives’ skills academy, providing the homeless, the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, young people, and care leavers with training that will lead to qualifications and jobs within the construction industry.

We are aiming for at least 20% of the construction jobs created to be filled by local people and businesses. And we are seeking to improve gender diversity in the sector by insisting on gender pay gap disclosure through the entire supply chain.

Acknowledging the importance of looking after health in the workplace, initiatives on site will range from mental health training for site workers to the promotion of healthy and sustainable modes of transport. We’ll also be supporting local food businesses with a social mission or sustainable ethos by bringing them in to provide on-site catering.

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