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22 January 2020
Community share their ideas for our forward-thinking building

The votes are in… all 5,970 of them! We asked the local community to help us shape TBC and the response has been hugely positive.

Locals want us to deliver a sustainable building and we couldn’t agree more. Our ambition is for TBC to be in the top 1% of buildings in the UK in terms of environmental performance. The building will be 100% electric and zero carbon in operation.

It is very important to the community that TBC is open. A staggering 83% are interested in holding or attending community events in the building, and we received more than 100 comments in this regard. In response, we will be making the communal space available free of charge to social enterprises and community groups and will put in place programs to reach out to the community to co-curate events in a really innovative way. There were some great suggestions like upcycling workshops, crafts workshops, start-up support events, courses related to innovation, arts, fashion and music, expert talks, local historical clubs, book clubs and volunteering ideas.

We received feedback that "having the open ground floor will give the area a more exciting vibe", but what do the people who spend time in the area most want to see there? There is a big appetite for a food hall, which is first choice in our survey. We’ll be stepping up to the plate and introducing an exciting new marketplace on Shad Thames, focused on independents and pop-ups.

Here are just a few more of the hundreds of supportive comments shared:

"The design is in keeping with the existing surrounding and respects the heritage of the area. I like the environment and community friendly principles of the project."

"I like the emphasis on social impact and supporting local businesses and enterprises."

"It’s very sensitively designed and is sympathetic to its context. The ground floor treatment is a huge improvement."

"100% support. Activating ground floor level. Connecting not just with immediate community but looking at wider Southwark community.”

"Great that community is part of the ethos."

Our survey also raised money for local charities in Southwark, as we are making a donation for each response we received. £1,000 will be donated to South London Cares, Toucan Employment, and Free to Be Kids. So, your opinion really counted. Thank you!

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