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8 September 2019
FORE achieves top rating for sustainability and social impact

FORE Partnership, the investor driving the development of TBC, has been awarded a top rating for developing sustainable buildings that have a positive social impact.

FORE achieved a 5 star rating in the annual the GRESB Real Estate Assessment – the property industry benchmark for social impact and sustainability.

FORE participates annually in in the GRESB benchmarking process, which provides comparable and reliable data on the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of its investments. The assessment supports FORE’s sustainability and social impact agenda as well as that of over 100 other investors, helping to drive decision-making that leads to a more sustainable real estate industry.

This year FORE achieved an 87/100 score, improving on last year and achieving a Green Star.

GRESB remarked: ‘The firm aim for best practice in sustainability and take a highly principled approach to all aspects of property ownership.’

FORE strives always to do better and so the assessment helps it understand areas for continued improvement. The impact of sustainable investment and management goes further than numbers and percentages of course, and FORE is constantly discovering and learning how best to improve the lives both socially and environmentally for those in the community, whether it is those who occupy FORE’s buildings, invest in them or share in their surroundings.

Sustainability for FORE is not only an environmental imperative but one that helps bridges gaps and improves people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.

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